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Definition of Savage Life, Lil Boosie & Trill Ent.: Our exclusive interview with Webbie

Posted September 14, 2013 by block2block in FEATURES

Webbie interview by @Aaron_Cortez

We sat down with Webbie during our front cover photoshoot for Block2Block. They were filming a barber shop scene for an upcoming Trill Ent. DVD. With a full room of people and smoke, we got our time with Mr. Savage Life.

What’s the latest with you?
I’m focused. I’ve been traveling doing shows. I’m still dancing around in the game. It’s still on! I’m still blessed.

Do you have have any news on Lil Boosie?
My dog is coming home real soon. He’ll touch down this year. It’s gonna be big. We’re living blessed right now.

What’s the meaning behind your album title “Savage Life”?
You’re looking at it in the flesh. You’re looking at the definition. Trill. Everybody is feeling good around our table from Boosie to Foxx to my barber, lol. Here we come. It’s about to happen. You can’t blame anyone, you gotta stay focused. And I feel that we’re focused.

How did you hook up with Trill Entertainment?
It’s a family thing. We’re family man. You gotta ask God that. It’s bigger than us.

What’s coming next?
Everything! We gonna ball. “Savage Life 4” is coming and we got this DVD thing coming.


Here’s some outtakes from our photoshoot with Webbie http://www.block2block.com/features/webbiecover

Check out Webbie’s music video:

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