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Prince Dre “Dangerous” Interview

Posted June 15, 2017 by block2block in FEATURES

First off, give us some background on yourself.
I’m Prince Dre, I’m from the dangerous block in the city of Chicago called OBLOCK in honor of my big brotha Odee Perry who is now deceased. I started my career seriously around the time as Keef, who is also from my block, had the spotlight on us from him screaming the name. I dropped my second video called “Ona Guyz”. It had a big feedback. That’s when I took it serious and stayed at it.

We here the stories about Chicago but what was it like growing up on your side of town and how did it affect the music you make?
Growing Up In Chicago Was Fun But Dangerous at The Same Time You Just Gotta Learn How To Move The Right Way People Look At It As If It’s a Game But Really We Just Out Here Fighting To Live ,It Affected The music I make Because it’s my life in I’m just trying to tell my story

You have the “Only the O In My Eyes” project out. Tell everyone about that.
My latest project “Only The O In My Eyes” is my best project I made. I’m introducing myself and letting the streets & the world know I’m coming to takeover. Ain’t no stopping me. I’m here to show the ones that look up to me that the life we living and lived ain’t for them. It’s time to get to it and stay away from the bullshit.

For anyone who hasn’t heard your music yet, what can they expect to hear from you?
A lot of realness not that Fu-shit. It’s time the real exposed the fake.

What are the future plans/releases for Prince Dre?
Touring, two of the greatest projects ever, a lot of visuals and more incredible things. I can’t spoil it and say at the moment.

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