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Mista Cain “Never Fold” Interview

Posted June 7, 2017 by block2block in FEATURES

First off, give us some background on yourself.
To give y’all a background, Man, I’m Cain, man. I’ve always been cain, I’m gonna be Cain, I’m gonna die Cain. Fuck a n*gga!

What was it like growing up in your Baton Rouge neighborhood and how does it affect the music you make today?
Man, check this out. I done been to every neighborhood in my city, ya hear me. All them b*tches the same. Same motherf*ckin event security, same bullshit-ass hoes, same momma crying about her dead son. I just rapped about the shit, you hear me?

How did you get your name?
How’d I get my name? I stole some crack for my cousin. Went in the alley, it was $15 worth of crack. I sold it, bought everybody in the projects some candy, and they stated calling me Cain. WAH!

The new album is called Tha Verdict. Tell us why you called it Tha Verdict and who’s on it?
Well, I don’t really feel like explaining all the features and production but, I got Boosie on that bitch, fosho, fosho, Dolph on that bitch, fosho, fosho. And it’s called Tha Verdict because… n*gga, it’s named after my fuckin’ situation! You know, I beat a murder trial, so when they was coming to read the verdict, that’s what it was, and that’s why I put it out there like that.

Fans outside of Louisiana are familiar with other artists coming out of your city like Boosie, Webbie and Kevin Gates, but for anyone who isn’t familiar with your sound yet, what can fans expect to hear from you?
Pfft, Cain! Everything Cain this, Cain that, you heard me. I’m gonna drop some projects. I really wanted to single it out, but I was working and partnered with somebody and they had different other plans and ideas and shit. I mean, you know to each his own, but it helped the situation, it didn’t take nothing away or whatever. Man, just work, that’s what you gonna see from a n*gga.

What are the future plans/projects for Mista Cain?
A tour, music in the works. Stay tuned!

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