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Lost God “Scriptures” Interview

Posted June 9, 2017 by block2block in FEATURES

Give us some background on yourself.
I’m originally From L.A, The Jefferson Park Area, I got started in the business through my cousin, as well as my CEO Professor X. He had a made-shift studio in the corner of his room, with a 4-track recorder and a Circuit City keyboard. Our other cousin, Black, Got Using His Financial Aid Check And a MPC 2000XL, I Was about 15 years old bouncing around From House To House. Mom’s couldn’t handle me and my Father wasn’t Around In My Life At The Time So I Was Young Trying To Figure Shit Out
I’ve Always Loved Music Coming Up as a Kid, I Was Big Pac Fan. X Showed Me How To Count Bars From Listening To Old Master P & The No Limit stuff, I Was Fast Learner So I Caught On Quick And The Rest Is History We’re Actual Working On A Movie Bout That Coming Soon ..Stay Tuned Into What Lost God Coming With Next.

You’ve got the track “Livin” with some big names. Tell us about that and what was it like to work with these artists?
Once again, that as A Play My Ceo Came Up With, I Cant Take The Credit For That, We Out At The Crib In Atlanta and X Called Me Into The Room, And Said What Do You Think Bout Doing a Record With The Migos, I Laughed It Off and Said Sure Nigga Sarcastically, I Didn’t Actually Think He Was Gone Pull It Off, It Started Off Him Reaching Out To Zaytoven. Met With Him In The Studio and The Shit Was So Funny Cause This Nigga Zaytoven Setup a Care Package For My Ceo, Gave Him A Bag With Poster And Movies He Made And Shit lol. Guess Because he’s in a Wheelchair And He Looks Helpless, They Don’t Know My CEO Is A Fool, But I Was Cracking Up We Was There Probably No More Than A Hr And A Half, Getting Acquainted With Each Other, Zay Made The Beat So Damn Fast, I Swear He Was Done In About An 10 Min Flat, Took Pics And Shook Hands And We Were Out Of There. Now Reaching Out To Quavo That Shit Was The Worst Felt Like I Was Getting The Run Around, We Reached Out To Management And We Initially Talk Business Then We Where Suppose To Meet To Actually Get The Record Done In Person Sooner, But After The Next Day We Couldn’t Get ahold Of Them, So I Was On Some Like Fuck Em At This Point, I Wasn’t Trippin Shit Give Me The Money You Was Gone Give Him Type Shit lol, So We Had To Go Back To The West Coast I Had To Go Handle My Responsibilities As A Father, I Honestly Totally Forgot Bout The Song To Be Real With You, Then One Day X Called And Said Quavo Gone Do The Verse Tonight, So Me And My Labelmate Mo Buck$ Was On The FaceTime Call With Quavo And His Manager Rell, They Let Us Here The Playback Of The Song, We Was Pumped At This Point, Funny Thing That There Was No Hook To The Song. So Quavo Just Went And Did Whatever So We basically made The Song Around His Verse, Zaytoven Was Suppose To Do The hook, Skippa Da Flippa Ended Up On The Song Cause X Fucked Up And Placed The markers On The Song For Quavo To Do 8 bars And We Just Came Up With An Audible To Add Skippa To Finish The record Since There Were In The Same Quality Control/Yrn Camp Made Since To Me, But There Verses Were Emailed, I Eventually Met With All Of Them At A Show And It Was all love..Shout Out To Them Niggaz.

What’s the meaning behind your name Lost God?
Lost Was A Name I Gave My Self 1st I Said It As a Joke, Honestly Im 14, 15 Years Of Age Out In The World, Damn Near By Myself I Was Really Lost, I Was Tryna Gangbang And All Fucking On bitches. Just Wild Man Lost Story Short My Niggaz Just Ran With It And It Became My Name, The God part Was Something I Added Later As Growth From Where i Came From I Started Enlightening My Mind On Varies Things And Felt like I Was God To Myself.

What’s one thing that most fans don’t know or wouldn’t know about you?
I’m Heavy Into Politics And Conspiracy Theorist Type Shit, I Watch A Lot Of Cnn Faithfully Everyday, I Believe Its More Out Here Then What Meets The Eyes. I Believe There is An Illuminati, Secret Tunnels To Shit America Don’t Want Us To Know, Davinci Code Shit, It’s Things Out Here That They’re Keeping From Us. Fuck That I Wanna Know!!!

Tell everyone about the “Lost Scriptures” project.
That Was A Tape Master Minded By Dj Sam Hoody, Hell I Didn’t Even Know It Was In Works And Im The Artist Haha… I Found Out Like Everybody Else Did When It Came Out But S/o To Sam Hoody, That Nigga Like A publicist Slash A&R, Im Grateful He Gave That “Livin” Record Life Again, That Record Is Everywhere Like Air, With Out Major Radio Play Or Dj’s Spinning It, Thats All Him..Salute

What are the future plans / releases for Lost God?
My Team And Oj Da Juiceman Just Linked Up With The Merger Of The Companies 32Ent & TNE, Im Getting Ready To Drop A Project Soon With Oj Apart Of It Called R&T Da Tycoon Way (Reloaded) Hosted By Dj Sam Hoody, Dj Carisma, Dj Smallz, Trap-A-Holics & Dj Lil Keem And Get On This Road This Summer Promoting The “Livin” Record With Oj Da Juiceman Connecting With The Fans, The Website Will Be Done Soon, All The Ppl The Follow Lost God Will Soon Be Able To Get My Merch. Also Want To Thank Block 2 Block Mag For Even Considering Me For The Interview. #FreeMobucks

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