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Flaco CEO “Sacrifices” (interview)

Posted February 26, 2017 by block2block in FEATURES

Give us some background on yourself.
I’m from East Dallas, Texas – 64 Ferguson Rd. born in Parkland Hospital. I started music in the early 2000 with a couple groups until 2008 when I started my own record label Trap In Texas Rec. Music’s always was a big part of my life growing up. Thanks to my homegirl CiCi she got me right professionally. So the only way is up now.

What was it like growing up in your neighborhood and how does it affect the music you make?
My neighborhood was all about getting money and alot of gang banging while I was growing up. I’m pretty sure it was like that in most neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas late 90’s and early 2000. So when you hear my music, you hear my life and the things I went thru and was going through in real life . Real Talk, I lost alot of people and learned alot. Only the strong survive.

Tell us more about the Trap In Texas movement.
The movement just keeps getting better every year. Make sure to like the fan page on Facebook & follow all social sites as well (just google Trap In Texas Rec). Our main thing is to keep pushing. We have shirts, hats and plenty of music to hear. Go to Datpiff and download for free all mixtapes available and make sure to subscribe to Trap In Texas YouTube channel and check out all the videos. I want to thank the man above for making this movement possible.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with your music, what can fans expect to hear from you?
When you listening to Trap In Texas. It’s all motivation and life stories from what we been through. Some can relate and others can just jam out an expect what’s coming next…It dont stop. Check us out.

Tell everyone about the new album “Sacrifices”.
It dropped on iTunes and all digital outlets on Feb 14, 2017.
Its mainly about the Sacrifices me and my people took to get where we at right now and the obstacles that we are facing . Remember, nothing happens over night. Get the album today. Hear me out.

What are the future plans for Flaco CEO & Trap In Texas?
At this moment we are always working in the studio every Friday producing new music for the streets to keep everyone up to date. So stay on the lookout. This summer you can catch us in a city near you on a promo run. My boy Kaine Sinatra about to drop his mixtape real soon and it just keeps getting better. Our plan is to show the world and stay consistent and keep giving the people what they want Independent grind. Trap In Texas Rec 4 Life!

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